Our concept is centred around the “mezze”, smaller meals served in the middle of the table. This concept allows you to taste many typical Greek dishes and penetrate the mysteries of several different ingredients. Kavala restaurant presents Greece as a country where local traditions blend with Western and Oriental influences.

Ioannis Asarlidis (the owner and the head cook) was born in Kavala, the seaside city of northern Greece. He dreamt to be a musician. He was talented in playing the buzuki. A lot of tavern owners in Kavala and Thassos island begged him to play for their guests.

His family wanted him to study at a prestigious Czech university, so he left to Prague to enrol at the VŠE. In summer days, Ioannis had a holiday job in Alexandropouli where his uncle had an authentic Greek tavern. Thanks to his uncle, he taught how to clean fish and prepare seafood, he simply fell in love with the job.

A few years later, in 2002 Ioannis Asarlidis opened his own café Kavala, which he reconstructed and reopened as the restaurant in 2005. His meals are inspired by ancient Greek cuisine, traditional Greek cooking, regional specialities and modern gastronomy.

You are hearty welcome to Kavala restaurant